Straight Ahead Construction LLC is a licensed, bonded, and insured Fairbanks, Alaska general contractor.

We specialize in new home construction, additions, garages, bathroom remodels and kitchen remodels, finish work and customer care. It’s your house and it should be how you want it to be.

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  1. Thank You for liking my post “The Mystery Leak”. There are many things that are a mystery to me when it comes to the house, I ‘d say your blog probably has some great ideas and answers. Can’t wait to check it all out.

    1. Go to your “Reader” and follow some categories. For instance “Photography” will have posts with the tag “photography” and so on. Maybe take a look at the WordPress tutorials. The are valuable.

  2. Great blog.

    Thank you for sopping by my blog at ww.ourlittlefamilyadventure.wordpress.com and sharing some love on a recent food recipe. I hope you’ll love it as much as my family does. Please stop by again soon.

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, and for the “like” on my post, “Meadowlark Botanical Gardens”. I’m happy you visited my site and that you enjoyed the photographs.

    I love your blog! There seems to be so much great advice, as well as inspirational photos. I’m one of those folks who always dreams about redoing her house … so I hope to spend a good bit of time wandering around in your blog. 😀

  4. Many thanks for your latest likes, all much appreciated. Now I need to learn how to add them onto the blog. It’s a slow process, but am getting there. You’ll note I’ve added more categories, courtesy of your sound advice – and with more to follow…

        1. Tags are below categories on your dashboard. Go to one of my posts and you can see what tags I have used above the post. “Categories” is used by visitors within your site to find contenet. “Tags” puts your posts into the “Reader” where other people with the same interest will find your posts. It is similar to Facebook in that respect. Right now you stories just go out into the web but do not find a spot in a reader. There are really good primers on the WP homepage that are short and concise but show you the basics you need to get your content out there.

      1. Sorry, further to my earlier reply, I am as we say in this country a complete eejit: I have now done a moment’s research and discovered the difference between categories and tags. Will follow up on your advice – thanks again,

    1. Nope. Once we start getting into the extreme weather I feel like it’s too much trouble to take my trailer out to residences. Not to mention dangerous on the roads. Having said that there some commercial builders in recent years that work their guys year round. I watched a couple houses go up with temperatures between 0 and 40 below. That is not for me. December and January are pretty slow for me….

  5. Relatively new to the blogging thing, I’m amazed daily of what’s out here. Your blog is great. I’ve only been to Alaska once, but I think my heart never left. Amazing land. I’m decidedly jealous.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog, btw. Take care

      1. Thanks for the follow! Good to hear your making out up there. Must be getting pretty dang cold there now. I’m about to check out your 40 below archived post. Makes me feel better about the 10 degrees we have here right now.

  6. Mike, thanks for visiting my site. I feel more legitimate (seriously!) that an Alaskan likes my Alaska photos! We spent the night in Fairbanks after hiking in Denali. You live in a beautiful area.

  7. Hi Mike – thanks for the like my fellow Alaskan. I lived in Anchorage for 10 years, which I know, isn’t the REAL Alaska. :)

  8. Thanks for checking out Ivegotconfidence and my newest post “Change is Good!” It’s always amazing to me how the Great Creator, Carpenter, and General Contractor can turn something ugly and wrecked into something beautiful for His Glory. You do it in the physical realm, He in the spiritual. But the result is all the same…something beautiful and worthy of praise. Hope you’ll stop by again one day. Am enjoying your blog as well!

  9. Mike,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking one of my poems. The internet is an amazing place. You never know whose life you are touching, if not for a moment. Your blog is quite informational. Alaska is on my bucket list.

  10. Thank you for coming by and “liking” my post. I really like your blog and of course, I love seeing another Alaskan writer. I’ll be following along in the future. God Bless you…see you around the blog~E

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by Soul Gatherings. Now that I found you, I can pick up my dream again of staying in Alaska June – Seprember one year. We were only there once, but fell in love with the breathtaking scenery and independent people. I don’t suppose you have rental properties that you’ve renovated? Regardless, I’m enjoying the learning curve on your site.

  12. Delighted to see that you continue to follow, and like, the Irish Aesthete from your Alaskan fastness. Your presence helps to add an international flair! Best wishes and thanks for your support, sent from a damp Irish countryside…

  13. Thanks for your recent visit to Minkyweasel World. I must say I find your blog interesting as I am fond of construction work. Got any vacancies for an electrician and all-rounder? LOL…………Thanks again

    Shirley Anne x

  14. You must either be an extremely fast reader or you have an automatic “like” send out word / words trigger.

    I only put this up about 30 seconds before receiving your “like”

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